Jesus My Healer

Jesus-the-Healer-1000x500I know it’s been a while since my last post on this site.  But, I have a fantastic testimony to share.  Some of you may know that I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer that spread to my lungs in November of 2013.  Since then I have had over 15 procedures to alleviate symptoms caused by tumor blockages in my right lung.  It has caused me to have to be on oxygen at times to have normal breathing.

Well, a week ago I had another CT scan on my lungs.  My oncologist told me that the tumors had shrunk a little since the last scan.  However, my lung doctor told me that the tumors were stable but were once again invading my right bronchial tree.  This is not good.  I was referred to both a radiation oncologist and a thoracic surgeon to discover some treatment options. My radiation oncologist suggested once again using a high dose of radiation directed at the trouble spot to decrease the amount of coughing up blood and open up the airway some more. I will be undergoing the radiation treatment next week.

The thoracic surgeon told me that he thought that any kind of surgery on the affected area would do more damage than good.  It is just too blocked by tumors and they are in a delicate area.  The Lord Jesus knew all about my situation. The night after I saw the surgeon I had a massive cough attack. I began to cough up tissue and blood.  After a few minutes I was just coughing up blood.  This is a scary feeling and most uncomfortable. After about 20 minutes the coughing ceased. I was finally able to lay down and get some sleep overnight.

The next day I checked my oxygen level and it was finally above 90 percent.  I had been on oxygen because my levels were below 90 percent. Now I could stop using the oxygen and I was breathing much better. I was on a call with some friends and the Lord showed me that while the surgeon couldn’t do surgery, He could.  And, apparently he did. I saw an image of the Lord cutting away some of the tumor mass so that I would have an opening to breathe better. The blood that I coughed up was the results of His intervention. While there are still tumors in my lungs, at least now there is an opening that allows me to breathe much better. Thank you Dr. Jesus for your intervention.



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