Who’s Life is it Anyway?

My life is not my own.  experience_christ_in_you_meme-1024x537

It belongs to Jesus Christ.  My life is found only in Him.  I have spent many years with regret on my mind.  Things I should have done and didn’t.  Other things I did, and I shouldn’t have.  I am sure that you have some regrets from your past as well.  There have been times in this past year where I wished that my life would end, that the cancer in my body would become so bad that it would take me out.  I felt so badly about the way I have lived my life to that point that I thought it would be better for all if I was dead.  If I look at my life from the perspective of what this world defines as successful I would fall short.  I don’t have any children, my marriage is over, I haven’t made more than $30,000 in any year since I was 16, I don’t currently own a home or a car.

Wow!  Just writing the previous sentence should make me depressed.  But, it doesn’t anymore.  The difference is that “my life” isn’t mine anymore.  In reality it hasn’t been mine since 1982 when I received Jesus Christ into my life and He forgave all my sins.  Yet, even from the beginning of my walk with Christ I have had the idea that I can still do what I want as long as I pray about it.  As believers in Christ, we can’t simply have this idea.  Our lives are no longer our own, they belong to Christ.  In regards to our physical body 1 Cor 6:19-20 states, You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.”  Notice it says we were bought with a high price.  The price of our redemption and forgiveness came at the expense of Christ’s brutal death on a Roman cross.

I am in Christ by faith.  Christ is in me.  Apart from Him I can do nothing.  I have no right to do whatever I please any longer.  Romans 6 gives many points to support these ideas of complete surrender, dying with Christ on the cross when he did, my old self was crucified with him as well.  I must daily, moment by moment, trust in Him to live His life in me.  This is not passive, since I will learn to go with His flow over time.


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