Getting Kicked Out of Church

For the next few years I was in a smaller mega church where I met my wife.  After about 2 years both of us felt as if churchsomething was missing at this church.  The sermons seemed to be the same messages from a few months ago.  The outline changed a bit but it was the same stuff.  I was tired of designing worship services to attract the unchurched.  We both felt that we needed a change.  We sought out a church that was closer to our home and we found one nearby.  After attending there for a while, my wife began to volunteer in the office and worked closely with the lead pastor.

The pastor invited a “prophet” named Clint Glenny to come and speak each night for a week.  Brother Clint shared a lot about the end times and the state of the church in the U.S.  The messages resonated with me, and I looked forward to each meeting.  We had the opportunity to have dinner with he and his wife and we were able to be encouraged by it.  He suggested we read a book by Frank Viola and George Barna called, “Pagan Christianity?”.

Then my wife began to have some tension with the lead pastor.  We scheduled a meeting with he and his associate to discuss matters and hopefully find some resolution. This meeting did not go well for either side.  The pastor told us that if we could not submit to his leadership then we would need to leave.  It felt to me like I was being kicked out of a church.  I had never been kicked out of a church in all my life as a Christian.  I felt totally out of my element.

The first couple of Sunday mornings I was a nervous wreck.  I didn’t feel comfortable with not going to church.  I decided to purchase the book “Pagan Christianity?”  This helped me to do something in the meantime.  As I poured through this book, I began to see the origins of some of the traditions that we have accepted over the past 1800 years.  Many practices and traditions of the modern western church do not line up with the New Testament teaching.  Well, some would quote many a verse to prove that they are.  But when you look at these same verses in context, they show that the modern western church is way off base.

(to be continued…)


2 thoughts on “Getting Kicked Out of Church

  1. Hi John, I appreciate your post. I plan on reading the Pagan Roots of (presumably) Western Christianity and wondered if you’d be available via e-mail to discuss it. I’ll leave my details below.


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